Tweets Americans Sent About COVID Victims While Trump Lied About Election Fraud

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This week, the number of people in the US who have died of the coronavirus surpassed 250,000 — but President Donald Trump has yet to address this grim milestone. As the country continues to reel from a rising death toll, an overextended healthcare system, and an unprecedented surge of cases across the country, Trump has instead spent the weeks following the Nov. 3 election spewing baseless claims about election fraud.

Trump has tweeted more than 490 times since Wednesday, Nov. 4. Only 19 of these tweets have been about COVID-19, most of which are to claim that “vaccines are coming fast,” following promising news about the vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna.

Trump’s tweets have mentioned death, but only in groundless claims that “dead people” voted against him in the election.

Even as Americans are now dying from the virus at a rate of one a minute — often alone in hospital rooms without their families — not a single one of Trump’s post-election tweets has mentioned Americans who have died of COVID. This week, when his COVID-19 Task Force presented its first press briefing in months, Trump didn’t bother to show up.

To illustrate the staggering difference between what is on Trump’s mind and what is happening to his own citizens, here’s a selection of what Trump was tweeting on the same day as individual Americans were tweeting about loved ones who had just died of COVID-19.

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