Tucker Carlson Presses Alan Dershowitz Over Epstein Plea Deal: ‘Did You Have Moral Qualms About It?’

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spoke with Alan Dershowitz Friday night and confronted him on his role in Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 plea deal.

Dershowitz has himself been accused of having sex with a minor, which he has adamantly denied. He has called accuser Virginia Giuffre a liar and claimed to Carlson “the evidence is overwhelming that she’s lying about me.”

Carlson brought up how Vanity Fair was going to report in 2003 about Epstein before they were “bullied” out of it. “A glossy magazine in New York had heard them, they were known, out there. You were friends with Jeffrey Epstein. You went to his home in New York, his home in Palm Beach, you went to his island — so-called ‘Pedo Island.’ You flew in his plane many times. How did you not know?”

“Of course I didn’t know,” Dershowitz said, again saying that when he went to the island he was with his wife and daughter. “I was not a close personal friend. He lived his private life very privately. The president of Harvard, the provost of Harvard… all had the same kind of academic relationship with Epstein that I did. As soon as I found out, when he was accused, my relationship with him totally changed.”

Carlson jumped in to say, “But when you were on ‘Pedo Island,’ or when you you borrowed his place in Palm Beach or were at his house in New York… every picture I’ve ever seen of his properties, you see young women around. Were there no young women when you were on his plane or any of his properties? None?”

“Absolutely not,” Dershowitz said. “I never saw him in the presence of a young woman. When I was there with my children and grandchildren, there was a housekeeper and the housekeeper’s wife. That’s it. Nobody else was there.”

Carlson went on to question Dershowitz about his representation of Epstein and the 2008 plea agreement, saying, “You did get him off the hook and you did so with a lot of other prominent people.. The accusations were clearly true. You knew that at the time. Did you have moral qualms about it? And why do you think the feds went along with it? It doesn’t make sense.”

Dershowitz responded:

“We had a very, very strong federal defense. It doesn’t matter how many women he may have had sex with in Palm Beach, the government had to prove that he transported them in interstate commerce, and they couldn’t do that. They had a very weak federal case and a very strong state case. So the deal we arrived at was he would plead to a state charge, serve 18 months, and would not plead to the federal charge. That’s very common. The job of the criminal defense lawyer is to get the best deal he can for his client.”

Dershowitz defended his actions and asked, “Would anyone want a lawyer who would not defend them zealously?”

Tucker continued pressing Epstein on the deal, and you can watch the full segment above, via Fox News.

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