This Guy Shows Up At Expensive Houses To Ask Strangers What They Do For A Living, And Its Generating A Lot Of Attention

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Posted on Nov 17, 2020

“I am doing this for everyone who has ever passed by a luxury home and wondered, What do they do for a living?

Aaron Vankampen is a freelance location scout for his company, One Percent Homes, based out of Toronto.

Aaron started quickly building a following on TikTok after doing a series where he shows up at nice houses, knocks on the door, and asks the owner what they do for a living.

The video above has a whopping 27.3 million views. Aaron discovered that two of the owners were lawyers, and one was a dream worker.

“The homes debuted on my channel are primarily located in the Greater Toronto Area, and some are filmed in neighboring cities, like Vaughan and Mississauga. I would guess the price ranges of the homes are about $5 to $10 million,” he said.

Aaron hopes that his videos will show people that you can make great money doing something you love — you don’t always have to be a lawyer or a doctor. That being said, Aaron has had some odd responses. “A middle-aged, single woman in a more-than-significant house once told me, ‘I am comfortably unemployed.'”

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“This idea originated while I was seeking a creative way to expand my freelance location scouting business. I wanted to increase my workload and income because my primary source of income — bartending — has been crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a location scout, I have been consistently tasked with making inquiries to film at a wide range of places, many of which are homes.

“These circumstances mean I have to knock door-to-door on homes that meet the vision of the project. Doing this for five years has built my strong confidence and appropriate demeanor. Studying the trend that highlights luxury lifestyles, followed by inquiries of how they were attained, allowed me to connect the dots and see how my skills aligned with this opportunity,” he added.

Aaron said that when choosing a home to approach, he uses discretion. “If the homeowner’s initial reaction or response isn’t positive or they ask not to be filmed, I respect their request. I never trespass and I always have consent,” he explained.

Aaron enjoys making the videos, and judging by the millions of views for each one, it is clear that people enjoy watching them too. “I’ve learned that people are into having fun, being a part of wholesome content, and generally are approachable, regardless of their stature.”

He continued, “I am simply doing this for everyone who has ever passed by a luxury home and wondered, What do they do for a living?

To see more of Aaron’s videos, you can follow him on TikTok.

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