Sunny Hostin Rebuts Meghan Mccain’s Claim Capitol Riot Was About Poverty: ‘This Is Very Much About White Supremacy’

The View co-hosts Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin disagreed about the underlying causes of last week’s Capitol insurrection.

On Wednesday’s edition of the hit ABC talk show, Joy Behar chalked the attack up to racism, citing an essay by Prof. Timothy Snyder and saying that “Trump believes he won, and these other people believe he won because they only count white people,” and added “They would like it to have only white people vote forever in this country.”

Behar added that this is the “white supremacy mentality that is pervasive in this country” that needs to be gotten rid of.

McCain then interjected to say that while she agrees race is “definitely a part of this, I also think that a lot of this is just socio-economics like we’ve talked about before, I’ve always thought this is about poverty in America, and for whatever reason Republicans have not been able to communicate with this demographic of people.”

“President Trump is the only person that’s been able to do it. And it’s, I don’t know what happens to this party if we can’t communicate with all factions of the American public, but I think it is about race, yes, that’s certainly a factor, but I also think it’s about poverty,” she added.

President-elect Joe Biden won voters with income below $100,000 by double digits.

After host Whoopi Goldberg weighed in, Hostin circled back to McCain’s point, saying  “This isn’t about poverty, I don’t think, because when you look at the folks that rushed the Capitol, the rioters, you had CEOs there, you had Olympic swimmers there, you had veterans there.

Ms. Hostin then said she agrees with Behar, and that “This is very much about white supremacy. And that, unfortunately, is the very foundation of this country, and that is the sin, the original sin that has to be addressed.”

Hostin concluded the segment by emphatically saying that Trump should be impeached and removed “so that he can never run again.”

“I want to know which Republicans really truly took that oath and meant it, which Republicans in the Senate will make sure that they uphold their oath and make sure that this country is a multiracial democracy, which is the promise of a more perfect union. I want to see which Republicans stand true to their oath to the Constitution of the United States. That’s what I want to see,” Hostin said.

Watch the clip above via ABC.

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