Social Media Lead Generation for The Insurance Industry

Social Media Lead Generation for The Insurance Industry

Social Media Lead Generation for The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is one of the largest service based sectors in the world. 

If you run an insurance company or an insurance broker then lead generation strategies are really important to how prosperous your business will become. 

Let’s face it, leads are the most important to any business. And the insurance industry is no different. 

So, what are some of the top lead generation strategies for insurance?

Paid Social Media

Paying for people to see your brand and the products you provide is a great way to generate brand awareness and if done correctly, sales leads. 

Anything you post to your blog or social media channels is always worth promoting via paid social media. 

Organic Social Media

Using social media to drive new insurance leads can seem like a tough thing when you first start out. 

If it’s uncharted territory for you, it can take some time and persistence to build a good quality presence on the platforms. 

But over time, if your content is good and targeted at the right audience you will start to see the hard work pay off. 

Organic Search

Organic search traffic is fantastic for finding the right sales leads. You can target your content at the people right at the top of the sales funnel. 

Meaning if someone reads your content there is a chance they have a problem and need your solution for it. 

We’ve spent years creating SEO content for b2b business including insurance companies and can truly say that they create some of the best opportunities you are likely to receive. 

The lead generation strategies discussed above are only a few of the channels uncovered in our guide to lead generation for the insurance industry

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