Online Finance Company Stripe Announces They Will No Longer Process Payments For Trump Campaign Website

Another tech company has parted ways with President Donald Trump in the wake of the violent riots at the Capitol. Stripe, an online payment processing service, announced that they will no longer handle payments for the Trump campaign, according to a report by CNN.

CNN’s Brian Stelter told host Ana Cabrera that Stripe had been processing credit card payments for campaign contributions, purchases of merchandise, and other payments for the Trump campaign.

Trump had continued to fundraise after the November 3, 2020 election, purportedly to build a legal fund to be used for election challenges, but also building a war chest he can use for travel and political activities in the future — including a 2024 presidential run.

“Stripe says the campaign, or essentially Trump, has violated the company’s terms and conditions by inciting violence,” explained Stelter, calling it “part of a widespread effort by business companies, by all sorts of businesses to try and make sure that their platforms are not used by the president to incite further violence.”

Stelter described it as “astonishing” that “so many companies are all stepping up and saying we don’t trust the United States President to — we don’t trust the United States President — to use our services.”

“Frankly, Ana, we’re seeing businesses, corporate America take swifter action against this president than we’re seeing from the house or the senate or the cabinet,” Stelter added.

The Trump campaign has not responded to Stripe’s announcement, although, as Stelter noted, they have a dwindling number of platforms available to do so, as Twitter has permanently suspended Trump, his campaign, and several of his top allies, and other social media companies have followed suit.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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