Obama Compares Voting to Exercise in Event for Biden: ‘You’re Never Going to Look Like The Rock, But You Can Be Healthier’

Former President Barack Obama is hitting the campaign trail for Joe Biden, and he argued during a community event in Philadelphia that voting in one election doesn’t automatically make things perfect.

Obama — wearing a mask at the event — offered up the analogy of someone trying to work out hard enough that they look like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

“I was talking to a buddy of mine who is a personal trainer. He said, yeah, you know, I meet folks, they start off, they’re supposed to be on a workout program, and, you know, after about a month, they say, you know what, this isn’t helping me. I’m not looking like The Rock. So I’m just going to quit working out… And he tells them, listen, you’re never going to look like The Rock. But you can be healthier than you are right now. And you’ll live longer and have a better quality of life, and set a better example for your kids if you work out and eat better. Right? Well, voting is a little bit like that. Just by virtue of one single election, things don’t become perfect. But you get yourself on a pattern, on a habit, of being better represented, and getting better served by your government. And that’s the message that we have to send young people.”

He reflected on what past leaders like John Lewis were up against when they were fighting the battles of their time.

“I hear folks talking about how things haven’t changed,” Obama continued. “Come on, now. I mean, that’s just not true. Anybody who says things haven’t gotten better in this country is somebody who didn’t live through the 50s or the 40s or the 30s. Because if you talk to folks who did, they ain’t going to say nothing changed. The reason things changed was because folks voted. That’s how the Voting Rights Act got passed, that’s how the Civil Rights Act got passed.”

He added, “While I’m working out, I’m still thinking someday maybe I’ll look like The Rock. Maybe if I shave my head.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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