Mark Levin Says Media Is ‘Exploiting’ Capitol Riots To Silence Conservatives: ‘The President Didn’t Incite An Insurrection!’

Fox News host Mark Levin claimed the American media was to blame for “exploiting” the Capitol riots that occurred this past Wednesday, all with the ominous goal to ultimately silence conservatives.

Levin further stated on Life, Liberty, and Levin that President Donald Trump “didn’t incite an insurrection.”

“The media have played a huge, huge role in what’s going on in his county, and they are exploiting now what took place on Capitol Hill. Trying to silence, silence conservatives, silence Republicans, and unfortunately, a lot of Republicans are buckling,” said Levin.

“We need to speak out against violence, we need to speak out against what happened on Capitol Hill or at the White House or at the Portland courthouse,” he added. “We need to reject all this violence, but what about the media?”

Levin then proceeded to hold up a copy of The New York Times’ Thursday front page, which stated, “TRUMP INCITES MOB,” to which the Fox host responded, “Trump never incited the mob. This is projection. This is projection. He never did that!”

The next newspaper up was The Washington Post from Thursday, whose headline stated, “Trump mob storms Capitol.” Levin wasn’t pleased with that headline either, touting that the headline painted the pro-Trump marchers with a “broad brush.”

The Fox News host then picked up a copy of Thursday’s Daily News, to which Levin stated, “the president did not incite an insurrection!”

Levin, who continues to stand as one of Trump’s most vocal supporters, appears not to be leaving the president’s side anytime soon.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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