Live: Melbourne public housing residents in lockdown wont be charged rent

A Victorian cases update 

The state’s tally has risen by 74 cases, with the tally now standing at 2,536. 


Of the new cases, 16 are connected with controlled outbreaks


One of those 74 cases is a returned traveller, four are from routine testing, and 53 of the cases are under investigation.


There are 26 Victorians still in hospital with COVID-19, three of whom are in intensive care.


Yesterday, 21,597 people were tested in Victoria. 


This brings the testing total to 928,171. 


There are 543 active coronavirus cases.


Mr Andrews says: “But I think it’s important that Victorians recognise and understand that it’s not just the 543 cases, it is many thousands of people who are close contacts of positives and people who are awaiting the results of their tests.


“It is a massive task to try and control the movement of those people, to try and make sure that they are away from others and appropriately isolated. The number of people involved in that public health response, everything from doorknocking, to testing, to public contact tracing, it is thousands and thousands of people, but they can’t do it on their own.


“They, and I, need every single Victorians to be following the rules — every single Victorians to be taking this seriously — and I’m very grateful to all of those Victorians who are doing the right thing.”

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