Laura Ingraham Doubles Down on Trump Covid Adviser Scott Atlas After ‘Multibillionaire Powermonger’ Bill Gates Calls Him Out as ‘Pseudo-Expert’

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham mocked Bill Gates for his criticism of Trump’s new Covid adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, and said that she liked the White House official even more now that the Microsoft billionaire had questioned his bona fides.

Atlas, who is not an epidemiologist but is instead a radiologist, joined then White House coronavirus task force during the summer after President Donald Trump was impressed by his appearances on Fox News — where he routinely agreed with the president.

Since then, his tenure on the task force has been marked controversy, starting with his open dismissal of the CDC director’s Congressional testimony on mask wearing, being called out by Dr. Anthony Fauci for spreading misleading information, and earning condemnation from infectious disease experts for reportedly pushing a “pixie dust and pseudoscience” herd immunity approach to the pandemic.

Nevertheless, Atlas has become Trump’s most trusted adviser in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, while the nation is now being hit with a third wave of skyrocketing cases. And Ingraham, too, counts herself among his most ardent fans.

As a result, she defended Atlas after Gates, who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in vaccine and infectious disease research, called him out as a “pseudo-expert” in a Yahoo Finance interview.

“The most malign thing is when you start to attack your own experts and to suggest that maybe politicians better than disease experts,” Gates said, alluding to the numerous scientists pushing back against Atlas’ guidance. “We now have a pseudo-expert advising the president.”

“Dr. [Ramin] Oskoui, where did he get his medical expertise again?” Ingraham archly asked.

“Apparently, he’s largely self-taught,” Oskoui replied. “But remember Bill Gates doesn’t even have a college degree, what he does have tremendous wealth and power. But, unfortunately, what he hasn’t pointed out is that Bill Gates has tremendous bias towards vaccines.”

“Scott Atlas has been incredibly diligent and really quite frankly brave in the swamp to really push real science and to put aside this fear-mongering,” Oskoui said, referring to Atlas’ staunch support for Trump’s policy of dismissing mask wearing and encouraging the rapid opening of schools and businesses — even as Covid cases are spiking to record highs across the country. “Gates, unfortunately, has given too much of a platform. It’s been to the detriment of the entire world.”

“Well, Scott Atlas must be onto something,” Ingraham said, laughing, “if so many of these multibillionaire powermongers are after him.”

“I like Scott Atlas more that Bill Gates went after him,” she added.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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