Jonah Goldberg Tells Fox News’ Bret Baier He Isn’t Buying Tony Bobulinski Story: It ‘Strains Credulity’

Conservative stalwart Jonah Goldberg shot down Tony Bobulinski’s claims and the Hunter Biden controversy at large during an appearance on Special Report with Bret Baier Wednesday evening — dismissing the story from the speculative business partner of the Biden family as one that “strains credulity.”

The comments came during a panel discussion focused on Bobulinski’s hour-long interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Tuesday night, which many Trump media surrogates touted as clear evidence of former Vice President Joe Biden’s corruption — showing that he was compromised and possibly should be impeached before being elected.

During that interview, Bobulinski failed to provide any truly damning evidence beyond his opinion that he couldn’t see how Biden couldn’t be compromised and his claim that Jim Biden (brother of Joe) claimed “plausible deniability” when asked how they planned to get away with all of “this.” The “this” in that last sentence is still unclear.

Bret Baier introduced the story by noting that he didn’t think “anybody really believes that the story is the closing argument that President Trump should be delivering,” before noting the lack of coverage “is a story in and of itself.”

Goldberg replied “One about the most remarkable things about the moment we are in is that there’s so many institutions and personalities in our life doing things that are at odds with their own self-interest,” which he then explained by adding that he didn’t think this story helps President Donald Trump them very much, adding, “I think Ted Cru<z/strong> is right that it doesn’t move the needle very much.”

“I personally don’t find Bobulinski’s story all that credible,” Goldberg continued. “The idea that he was this incredibly stand up honest guy who just wanted to be a business partner of hunter Biden who is supposed to be the most corrupt person in the world strains credulity a little bit.” Goldberg finished by calling out the “idiotic” social media platforms for how they handled this story.

Goldberg is not some fly-by-night conservative thought leader. He is a fellow at the National Review Institute, and Editor-in-Chief of The Dispatch.  When he isn’t entertaining his Twitter followers with videos of dogs fetching in DC-area woods, he is dropping pithy comments about the current political state of things. Like…

There is some controversy surrounding the press coverage of this story, as President Trump and many of his media surrogates for what they see as the mainstream media ignoring a story that is politically harmful to Biden. The only reputable news outlet that has been able to look at the curiously sourced material, however, is the news side of the Wall Street Journal, which effectively shot down many of the obtuse questions being raised by pro-Trump opinion media outlets. The WSJ reported:

The venture—set up in 2017 after Mr. Biden left the vice presidency and before his presidential campaign—never received proposed funds from the Chinese company or completed any deals, according to people familiar with the matter. Corporate records reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show no role for Joe Biden.

So there it is. Watch above via Fox News.


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