Here Are The Hardest “One Tree Hill” Questions About Brooke Davis — Can You Get A Perfect Score?

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“A character who doesn’t love Brooke Davis…I wouldn’t even know how to write that.”

  1. Felix makes Brooke dine and dash, she spends part of the night in an open grave, and she kisses Peyton in order to win dare night.

    Via The CW

  2. Lucas wrote, “You’re mine forever.”

    Via The CW

  3. She tells Jamie that he’s old enough to pick out his own birthday present.

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  4. In the moment, Julian tells Brooke about a movie opportunity in New Zealand. So, Brooke lets the waves wash over the message and she doesn’t tell him about it.

    Via The CW

  5. The list included, “learn to speak French, watch every James Bond movie, climb K2, go into outer space, get drunk at Oktoberfest, go sky diving, and have a baby.”

    Via The CW

  6. Julian actually reads Brooke’s diary entry about wanting to just sit with her family before Brooke puts her diary in the boat during the Burning Boat Festival.

    Via The CW

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