Fox News’ Sandra Smith Spars With Mercedes Schlapp Over Trump Mail-In Voting Remarks: ‘He’s Flipped on Florida!’

Fox News’ Sandra Smith pressed Donald Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp Tuesday evening over the president’s unsubstantiated claims regarding mail-in voting increasing voter fraud across the country.

“Clearly what President Trump is bringing to light is that when you are looking at Democrats who are pushing for universal mail-in voting, especially 90 days before a general election, where many of these states are not prepared to handle this, it can cause voter fraud. It can cause a huge problem,” Schlapp began.

“Where’s the evidence of this?” Smith asked. “You were challenged multiple times on that today and you did not come up with evidence of that, and quite frankly, there is strong evidence to the contrary.”

Smith then cited the interview Trump had with Axios’ Jonathan Swan, while additionally mentioning that the Trump campaign and RNC “have been responsible for setting up safe and secure mail-in voting across the country.”

“So by claiming it would be fraudulent, isn’t he making the case that the RNC and the Trump campaign got things wrong?” Smith then asked Schlapp.

“Let me give you a crash course on absentee ballot versus mail-in voting,” Schlapp stated.

“In the case of Florida, for example, that would be an absentee voting system that’s in place. That’s when you get to request a ballot, the ballot gets to your house, you fill it out, you send it back in. When you’re talking about mail-in voting based on the Democrats’ framework, what they mean is they compare it to the election file and then they send it out to all those individuals on the election file who might have died, who might have changed address, and that is where you run into potential election fraud,” Schlapp riffed.

“Why was is it safely down in Florida then? Thank you for the education on that,” Smith pressed.

“I think everybody should read up on that because it seems to be a pretty harsh discussion right now, the difference between mail-in and an absentee voting, and we are all getting an education on that. But he’s flipped on Florida and said it’s safe to do it there,” Smith added.

Schlapp fired back, “Because it’s absentee. Are you getting the difference?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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