‘First You Could Get Corona, Now You Can Get Hypothermia?’ Late Night Hosts Wonder if Trump Rallies Are Really Worth Dying Over

There was one big question on the minds of most late night hosts Wednesday night: Are President Donald Trump’s rallies really worth dying over?

Trump held an outdoor rally in Omaha on Tuesday, and the temperatures were apparently near freezing, as several attendees were hospitalized after hundreds were stranded for hours due to a lack of shuttle buses.

Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon all tackled the issue on their late night shows, shocked that the president endangered his supporters in yet another way.

Noah was not completely surprised by the news, calling the move “classic Donald Trump” before roasting the president’s failure to live up to his promises — noting that he has often left his supporters out in the cold.

“I swear, guys, every day, there’s another way that you can die from going to a Trump rally,” Noah joked. “First you could get corona, now you can get hypothermia? By the end of the weekend, Trump is just going to be tossing snakes out into the crowd.”

The host also joked that Trump has chosen coronavirus as his wingman while Joe Biden lucked out with former President Barack Obama. 

Kimmel also addressed the freezing cold rally, calling it a genius move by the president.

“It was a real mess, but that’s the genius of Donald Trump,” Kimmel said. “He’s able to assemble a large, maskless crowd during a pandemic, and while everybody’s focused on whether or not they’ll get the virus, somehow he finds a way to send them to the hospital for a completely different reason”

Fallon quipped that things are getting so bad for the president, “even his supporters are turning blue,”

“I don’t think Trump was prepared for the weather,” he added. “When he stepped outside, he was like, ‘Why was I told this was a hot spot?’”

The host then mocked Trump supporters for not thinking of a single thing that could warm up their faces in the freezing cold — not even a face covering? Perhaps a mask?

Watch above, via YouTube.

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