Couples Are Sharing Their “Anyways, Were Married Now” Meet-Cute Stories


Okay, this sounds like an actual movie:

“Twenty years ago, an exchange student transferred to my school for the year, and although we didn’t talk a lot, we had so much in common. We actually both played the same-model guitar, surprisingly. Anyways, she went back to her home country (Japan) after the year was over, and I never spoke with her again. However, she got me fascinated with her culture, so I researched a bit, and eventually, a year later, I was able to transfer to her country through a program. I got placed in a randomly selected school and joined the school’s light music club, and as I’m walking in on the first day there, I open the door, and guess who I see? The same girl playing the FUCK out of her guitar. I kid you not — as soon as we made eye contact, i just sat there with my jaw open in disbelief. I dropped my guitar to the floor (causing a chip that I can still see to this day, haha). We ended up forming a band for the school’s summer show, and after our performance backstage, with all the adrenaline running through our veins, we kissed/confessed our feelings.

“Anyways, fast-forward to today and we’re married.”


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