Computer Repair Guy Explains Why He Gave Hunter Biden’s Laptop to Giuliani to Fox News: ‘The Proper Authorities Failed Me’

John Paul Mac Isaac is a Delaware-based computer repair expert that found himself at the center of international political intrigue when he provided a computer harddrive purported to have been copied from a laptop that Hunter Biden left at his shop for repair and neglected to pick up.

He appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom Thursday morning and explained his recently dismissed lawsuit against Twitter and explained why he gave a copy of the laptop’s hard drive to President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, despite previous claims that he had no interest in the laptop story going public.

Mac Isaac filed a defamation suit against Twitter after the social media platform blocked the initial New York Post report from being shared, claiming that it violated a policy against sharing hacked information. Mac Isaac took issue with his being labeled a hacker and is claiming that he is now out of work. The suit was dismissed on a technicality that is being addressed.

Like so many stories in this divided political age, the story is yet another complicated Rorschach test of news.

Mac Isaac did retrieve information from a laptop (without explicit permission) that he claimed to belong to Biden and reportedly gave it to the FBI in February. In October, Giuliani presented the hard drive, which contained a lot of unverifiable but suggestive damning evidence, to the NY Post, the sole outlet to report. However, the original writer for the article was so suspicious of the sourcing of the hard drive that he refused to put his name on the byline of the story. Fox News refused to run the story without time to vet it properly, and Bret Baier and Chris Wallace both questioned its veracity, saying it “stinks” and is “suspicious,” respectively.

However, since then, the Bidens have confirmed an October 29th report from James Rosen that the FBI is investigating Hunter Biden for alleged tax fraud and possible money laundering. This news was amplified by many on the right that the laptop story was correct and that there was some massive media and “Big Tech” conspiracy to keep the story quiet before the election.

However, the conservative conspiracies neglect the Rosen report and conflate the investigation into possible tax fraud with the release of the laptop, the evidence of which was not released to any other reputable news outlet who could verify the sourcing. Hunter Biden may very well be guilty of financial malfeasance in partnership with foreign countries, and the FBI is currently investigating that.

Mac Isaac certainly stirred up an unverifiable hornet’s nest of claims made by Trump and his allies, many of which are still unverifiable as the hard drive copy he took from the laptop still only has been shared with a handful of outlets. It has become more than a public story; it has evolved into something of a cause celebre.

In this context, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Mac Isaac why, if he never intended for this to go public, why did he hand it over to the president’s lawyer, who immediately made it public.

“Well, I needed to get this to the proper authorities,” Mac Isaac replied, “and when I felt like the proper authorities failed me, then that gives me the opportunity to get that to the people. At the last person on the list was lawyers or the president.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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