Brown suspended for eight games

Antonio Brown playing for New England Patriots
Antonio Brown was with the New England Patriots for less than two weeks before being released in September 2019

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown has been suspended for eight games without pay, the NFL has announced.

The free agent can sign for a team but will be suspended for half the season.

Brown, 32, was investigated by the NFL for several off-field incidents, including two sexual misconduct allegations that he denies.

An NFL statement said the suspension was for “multiple violations” of the league’s personal conduct policy.

In June, Brown was given two years of probation and 100 hours of community service, as well as being ordered to attend a 13-week anger management course, after being charged with burglary and battery.

Brown said he would not play in the NFL again when he was released by the Patriots after just one game in September.

But should he rejoin the league, the NFL says Brown will have to continue a programme of counselling and future violations will result in a heavier punishment.

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