Blast reported in Hezbollah stronghold in south Lebanon

An explosion shook a Hezbollah stronghold in southern Lebanon, sending grey smoke billowing over the southern village of Ein Qana.

The cause of Tuesday’s blast was not immediately clear. Security sources said there were injuries without giving figures.

Ein Qana is about 50km (30 miles) south of the capital Beirut.

Southern Lebanon is a political stronghold of Hezbollah.

A security source said Hezbollah, a heavily armed and politically powerful Shia Muslim group, set up a security cordon in the area, where the blast sent a huge cloud of smoke into the sky.

southern village of Ein Qana Lebanon

The explosion comes seven weeks after the massive explosion at Beirut port, caused by the detonation of nearly 3,000 tons of improperly stored ammonium nitrate.

The explosion killed nearly 200 people, injured 6,500 and damaged tens of thousands of buildings in the capital, Beirut. 

It is still not clear what caused the initial fire that ignited the chemicals, and so far no one has been held accountable.

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