ASUS ZenBeam Latte is a coffee cup-sized portable projector

Many home projectors are big or austere devices, but ASUS wants to offer something friendlier. It just introduced a ZenBeam Latte projector whose coffee cup-like, fabric-covered body makes it both highly portable and (according to ASUS) “homey.” You can take it from room to room without it feeling like an eyesore. The design also helps improve sound transmission, which may help when it can serve as a Harmon Kardon-powered 10W Bluetooth speaker.

It won’t be the most powerful projector with a projection range of 40 to 120 inches and a “300-LED-lumens” brightness. The three-hour battery life for movies (12 hours for audio) also rules out watching Extended Edition Lord of the Rings movies. The Aptoide TV store gives you access to streaming apps, though, and you can wirelessly mirror your phone screen to play your social videos.

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