44 Products Reviewers Loved So Much They Used Caps Lock

This tool also helps soften skin by gently exfoliating as you use it!

Promising review: “Okay, I have very dry sensitive skin, exacerbated by the use of Retin-A. I have had facials with dermaplaning, and bought this as a lark. They arrived, and I used it on DRY skin. No shaving cream, no water, just dry, dry, dry skin. I also used it very gently, and in downward strokes avoiding the eyes, nose or mouth (though I did my upper lip and the strays around my eyebrows) and obviously not sawing back and forth or slashing motions. Used gently, it took off an entire (thin!) layer of dead skin, peach fuzz and who knows what off my face, and it was AWESOME. My skin is glowing, smooth, peach fuzz free and I know any product I’m using will soak in better, too. Highly recommend, will make a part of my regular beauty routine. I would not suggest using this more than once a week or even once a month if you have sensitive skin, but it is WAY BETTER and WAY LESS TRAUMATIC than scrubbing, using a rough wash cloth, or exfoliators on your skin. This is gentle, no muss, no fuss. A+++.” —Jane

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