23 Tweets About Jonathon Swan Vs. Trump Which Prove That Aussies Take No Bullshit

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The US media could learn a thing or two from the Australian approach.

In case you missed it, Australian journalist, Jonathan Swan, of news outlet AXIOS went up against President Donald Trump in an interview overnight — pointing out the failings of the US government in facing the coronavirus pandemic.

The video has quickly gone viral thanks to Swan’s unflinching ability to counter Trump’s responses with hard facts and questions.

Twitter has come out en masse in support of Swan, applauding his good old fashion, no-bullshit, true blue Aussie approach:


Who the fuck is jonathon swan and where did he come from and how do I watch him badger people like his every night?

07:23 AM – 04 Aug 2020


Not sure if anyone saw this today or I guess it was yesterday, but the MSNBC reporter, Jonathon Swan owned Donald J. trump* in an interview! Owned him!

11:18 PM – 04 Aug 2020


@GoAngelo Jonathon Swan was completely professional. He asked fact based questions. Trump responding with scrambled eggs is terrifying. How can he be expected to handle anything with foreign leaders, with a pandemic, etc…

04:46 PM – 04 Aug 2020


You have either burnt the toast, or have just discovered Jonathon Swan’s interview of Trump. https://t.co/7NXA4YVepi

08:19 AM – 04 Aug 2020


After watching the entire interview with tRump and Jonathon Swan, I’ve decided seeing the Aurora Borealis is no longer #1 on my bucket list. Now it’s just surviving till Jan 20th 2021!

10:05 PM – 04 Aug 2020


@sarahcpr One part that stands out for me is where he tries to remember what the piece of paper he’s holding says then goves up and hands it to Jonathon Swan like a toddler handing a book to his parent.

12:44 PM – 04 Aug 2020


While it’s true that Trump’s interview with Jonathon Swan looks like an episode from Veep- I have trouble laughing when I remember that this lunatic has access to our nuclear codes.

02:25 PM – 04 Aug 2020


Jonathon Swan is exposing two things:

1. Trump will lie even when he’s caught. That’s gonna make it hard for Biden to land shots during debates.
2. Trump will lie even when he’s caught. That’s gonna make it easier to stand back and let him knock himself out.

08:39 PM – 04 Aug 2020


Oh My F-ing God. This interview wit Jonathon Swan shows someone with good facts questioning a person who is a pathological liar. He loves his false statistics…


10:55 PM – 04 Aug 2020


@ryanstruyk @Chiquit49048274 Jonathon Swan made it look so easy. Other reporters should take note: When Trump lies, gaslights or verballizes his hallucinations – don’t let that go. Ask a clear but factual follow-up question. And don’t forget to make the right facial expression: 😟🤨🧐🤥🤔

10:48 PM – 04 Aug 2020


@JoRusse77999183 @jean_landman @brendanmc84 @VeepHBO @axios @jonathanvswan It really is but props to Jonathon Swan for not backing down and using reverse psychology, which works like a charm on Trump. Journalists should take advantage of that more often with him.

10:20 PM – 04 Aug 2020


Jonathon Swan didn’t even try to make him look like a clueless clown. He did it himself.

09:44 PM – 04 Aug 2020


Haven’t yet seen the entire Jonathon Swan Axios interview, but have seen several substantial excerpts of it–and Swan owned Trump. I’ve never seen an interviewer take charge of him and his nonsense the way Swan did. Bravo, Sir!

08:56 PM – 04 Aug 2020


@aliberk65 @GoAngelo Jonathon Swan was as polite as anyone and still couldn’t help Trump from looking like the clueless idiot that he is.

08:34 PM – 04 Aug 2020

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