19 Posts About “Normal People” That Perfectly Capture What An Emotional Rollercoaster It Is

Instead of quarantine, can I go have a romance with an Irish bookish type?

So, Normal People just dropped on Hulu and it’s safe to say that I am utterly obsessed. I have rambled on about the book to anyone that would even half-listen — so it’s a pleasure to see an adaptation that, for better or worse, has left me as emotionally wrecked as the source material.

And it seems like I am far from the only person to be in love with Normal People. Here are just some of the best tweets about the series:


First, it really is a wild ride:

Normal People will make you cry, make you horny and make you obsess over all your past relationships, which is a refreshing change from the emotions of lockdown.

09:41 AM – 27 Apr 2020


The football scene was oddly powerful:

I’ve just been told about a new Sexuality it’s called Mescalsexual – attracted to Paul Mescal #NormalPeople

09:05 PM – 29 Apr 2020


Meanwhile, others analyzed the scene a bit differently:

…Clearly standing on the back foot as Conall ran in, leaving him to flap uselessly. A braver writer and director would then immediately drop the story of Conall and Whatserface and make the entire series about the goalkeeper who had just lost his school the match (2/6,574)

08:19 AM – 30 Apr 2020


Note: Watching Normal People may come with some odd side effects:

#NormalPeople is making me do weird shit like sit on the bed gazing into the abyss sipping white wine, imagining my life in detailed snapshots with melancholic music playing in the background

06:42 PM – 29 Apr 2020


And a sudden change in life goals:

normal people and norweigian wood make me want to go live in a cottage in the middle of no where where all I do is read beautiful literature and listen to the sound of the rain for ever

11:10 PM – 29 Apr 2020


As well as the overwhelming urge to text your ex:

I don’t know who needs to hear this but do not call your ex from sixth form college because you just watched the last episode of #NormalPeople

07:54 AM – 29 Apr 2020


After all, real life just isn’t quite the same:

Thinking about the cool, intense, intelligent characters in Normal People – then about how when I went to uni my housemates and I lined the stairs with spare mattresses to create a slide so it would be quicker to get to lectures.

11:15 AM – 23 Apr 2020


There is a downside to being able to watch the series anytime, anywhere:


But instead of hoping for a Season 2, why not just watch the whole thing again?

Have now watched #normalpeople twice in 48 hours. Worried we’re in for a repeat of when I listened to the ABBA Gold album I got with a CD player for my 10th bday every night for a year.

12:23 AM – 30 Apr 2020


Is Normal People the new tasty quarantine trend?


After all, it is leading to a whole host of different urges:

Great I was mentally steering clear of wanting quarantine bangs and now Marianne looks so fucking angelic in normal people and fuck

02:52 AM – 30 Apr 2020


And maybe a couple dozen crying sessions:

POV: What the FBI looking through my webcam have seen during the whole series of #NormalPeople

09:33 PM – 29 Apr 2020


Admittedly, it’s probably not one for the whole family:

Hello I’ve blessed to have seen the first couple of episodes of Normal People and a) it’s really really good, and b) you should NOT watch it with your family. Unless you like watching extremely intimidate, very realistic, sexy sex with them.

07:47 AM – 23 Apr 2020


Although it’s certainly easy to misread what everyone’s talking about:


But the big question is: Am I now a Paul Mescal stan?


I’m not saying I would do this, but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t do this:


Going to leave my DMs open just in case:

I’m watching #NormalPeople and if I don’t have a beautiful Irish boy slide into my DM’s in the next 48-hours, you’re going to witness a melt-down of Biblical proportions.

10:26 PM – 29 Apr 2020


At the end of the day, the true message at the heart of Normal People:

Normal People does a great job of showing just how bad Irish people are at simply COMMUNICATING

03:13 PM – 29 Apr 2020

What do you think of Normal People? LMK in the comments!

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