16 Eye-Opening Stories About What Its Like To Be A Sugar Baby


“I’ve been doing it for five years now … I was introduced to it by a friend’s older sister. Initially, it was weird because all the guys are old and some aren’t very attractive, but you get over it. The men will test you — an arm around the shoulder first, then waist, then who knows what next. I’ve found that most of the men respect boundaries…”

“…My main daddy right now is married, but he pays for my rental house, which is not too far from where he and his family live. Everyone always asks about sex, but it’s not like that. Yes, sex can happen, but only if you want it to. … One daddy ended up paying for me and my girlfriends to party in Vegas. He was with us the whole time (weird), BUT he paid for everything for all of us — food, cabanas, clubs, shopping! He was very adamant that I stay with him in his suite all weekend. It all depends on the girl. I do not work full-time, I actually make my living by reselling the designer gifts I receive. I have no need for multiple Birkin bags, but the money I get from them is going to buy me a house. I’m more than halfway there!”


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